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What is How Is My Hearing?

How Is My Hearing believes in TEST EARLY TEST OFTEN.

This is a hearing wellness test tool that tracks your hearing ability with pure tones and speech tests. The software is a pattern recognition classification system and the generated audiometric report is delivered to you and you only.

The online pure tone hearing test is done within 2-5 minutes with classification results. Traditional hearing tests done in an office can take 30-40 minutes and you need an appointment.

The online pure tone hearing test by How Is My Hearing is available at your convenience, and the test will indicate the pattern and level of your hearing in a way that your doctor or audiologist can use.

Why online pure tone hearing test?

Now you can learn more about your hearing ability in private, at your convenience and without pressure. This wellness classification can be accessible within minutes at home on hardware and software you already own.

Online tests are even environmental friendly and can reduce your carbon footprint because traveling is no longer required to get your hearing ability tested.

How does this test work?

How is my hearing uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) engine was trained using many millions of verifiable tests using over 5 million possible data points per test.

When to use online pure tone hearing test?

2 -5 minutes of quiet time, a mobile phone (or a computer) with internet connection, and a headphone are all you need to get started.